Communication Workshop

Whatever the size and nature of your Business, personal relationships and communication are at the heart of Business success.

In any relationship open and honest communication is fundamental and necessary.

When you have a clear understanding of what is going on for you and you are able to communicate effectively to those that you are in relationship with you create a more fulfilling, satisfying and liberating experience.

This workshop has two forms.  A  workshop for people within the same Business or a workshop that caters for people from various businesses or occupations.

The workshop is a full day workshop and caters for up to forty (40) people.

This workshop will:

  • Give you a powerful framework and toolset for open and honest communication across all areas of your life.
  • Give you a set of consciously-chosen agreements to support open and honest communication in the workplace or relationship.
  • Give you greater self awareness.
  • Give you clearer understanding around managing and communicating your expectations.
  • Give you new understanding around listening and giving feedback in a way that is energising and productive.

Rethink your possibilities.