Consciously creating the life you want

Richard Ford, Personal Development and Life Coach at Rethink Financial Group

Everything in life is a choice. We are not always conscious of the choices we are making, nevertheless we are making choices constantly and consistently about what we want.  We usually make these choices from our belief, of which many are outside our consciousness.

Wanting something is not the same as choosing it.  Wanting something just creates an experience of wanting it. In order to manifest whatever you want it is necessary to change your language from “I want….” to “I now have…” or “I now choose…”.

You cannot create what you truly do not want.  Therefore, telling your truth to yourself about what you really want is a fundamental ingredient in the manifestation process.  Believing that you can create what you want or believing you are worthy of receiving what you want are also fundamental and necessary ingredients to the creative process.  You can not create what you don’t believe.

I often say that it is not what you choose that is important – it is where you are coming from when you are making the choice that is important.  If you are making a choice about something you want from a place of scarcity or “I haven’t got enough” then in the end you will not get your choice. What you will experience is an outcome that is consistent with where the choice is made from – more experiences of “not enoughness”.

However, if you make a choice from a loving mindset, in that you see yourself as abundant and can create what you truly want, then you are likely to receive the outcome that you have chosen or something more significant.

Traditionally in goal setting we have been told to get clear about our goals, focus on them and move towards them.

There is an easier way to do this.  At the same time as you move towards you goal, what if you could pull it towards you.  You do this by making choices from a place of love of self.  Therefore, in addition to choosing any material goal, choose what you would like to experience for “self.”  For example: choose to accept and appreciate yourself, abundance, gratitude and detachment.  This will commence the process of pulling your choices towards you and you will get your goals sooner.

These type of choices are called making choices about how you want to “be.”  In the spiritual law of manifestation there is a saying “you don’t attract what you want – you attract how you are being”

Give it a go – Rethink your possibilities.

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Rethink your possibilities.