At Rethink Group we go that extra mile to empower our clients. We truly believe that everyone has a wealth of choices and the opportunity to choose and create their most magnificent life.

It is our job to show you all of the choices available to you and empower and support you to create your most magnificent life.

Stage 1 – Choose

Choose Your Most Magnificent Life

Enquire – We invite you to take the first step towards your magnificent life by asking us for support.

Celebrate – Our ‘Dreamcatcher’ who is responsible for following up your enquiry, will contact you via phone or email to celebrate that you have taken the first step towards achieving your financial goals and your most magnificent life.

Our ‘Dreamcatcher’ will arrange a time for you to come in and visit us for a complimentary meet and greet and choose the next stage of your journey.

Meet & Greet – This is your big opportunity to choose what you really want your magnificent life to look like. It is your Rethink Adviser’s job to capture this information in order to give you the highest probability of achieving your most magnificent life.

If you decide that you would like our support to achieve your most magnificent life, then your ‘Rethink Adviser’ will discuss with you how our process works and what’s required from us and you.

Stage 2 – Create

We Support You To Create Your Most Magnificent Life

Concept Development – Once your ‘Rethink Adviser’ has captured your most magnificent life, you will meet with our qualified financial planners to capture some more specific financial details and begin the process of creating the life that you want.

You will work with our financial planning experts to develop some concepts you are comfortable with to achieve your financial and life aspirations.

Before we begin any of our research or start implementing your financial plan we will require an engagement fee to be paid, which the ‘dream catcher’ and your adviser will discuss with you.

Presentation Of Your Financial And Life Plan – Once our financial planning team has completed their research and finalised the best strategy to start you on your path to your magnificent life, they will then meet you in person to present their plan.

If you are happy with the plan they have created for you, then you’ll be required to sign off on the advice document so we can proceed.

Celebrate Your Financial And Life Plan Being Set In Place – Once our dedicated team have completed their part in implementing your financial and life plan, we will meet up to celebrate this milestone and what’s to come over the next 12 months.

Stage 3 – Reflect

Together We Reflect On What We Have Begun To Create And Where You’re At In Terms Of Reaching Your Most Magnificent Life

This is probably the most important part in our relationship and your financial plan. In this meeting we catch up to reflect on what has happened over the last 12 months and if we need to make any changes to your financial and life plan or make new choices around your most magnificent life.

If we are both happy with the progress we are making together towards achieving your most magnificent life, then this is another occasion to celebrate your achievements and work on the next 12 months together.


Rethink your possibilities.