Finding Love

Richard Ford, Personal Development and Life Coach at Rethink Financial Group

We all seek love in some form.

As humans we blossom and feel empowered when we feel, receive and share love.  There is a certain sense of joy, connection and inspiration that comes from experiencing love in its many forms.

For many people, it is not uncommon for them to believe that finding love is difficult, hard, unobtainable and out of their control.  That it is something that you have to wait for or don’t get unless you have done something to deserve it. There is almost a sense that all the planets must align for them to experience love on any level in their lives.

In my experience when someone is challenged around receiving love they are often looking or seeking love in places where love can’t be found.

In all spiritual and ancient wisdom it has been expressed that the source of all love is within you.  That love is your essential nature and is the deeper truth about who you really are.

Unfortunately, many of us have been conditioned or have received messages or guidance that in order to experience love we need to love others first or give love to others first before we can love ourselves.  In some cases the message has been that to love self is egotistical and/or vain.

Maybe it’s time to look at all of this differently.  Maybe it is time to move from seeking love to “being” love.

You are lovable, valuable and ok.  Why – because you are.  You are love.  Love is already in you.  There is nowhere you need to look.  There is nothing you need to find or discover.  It already exists in all its form and glory. Love is at the centre of you.  It’s your core.  It is you.

When you are willing to accept this about you, then you will experience the world differently. Whatever you believe, you will experience.  If you see yourself this way you will attract love in all its many forms – it will become like a magnet.  Then you will be able to give love unconditionally because you will no longer be giving it to receive it – you be giving it because you have so much to give.

It will also be something that no-one can ever take away from you no matter what.  Experiences will come and go, however holding onto love in this way will mean that your love of self will remain constant. By connecting to the love in your heart you are connecting to your essential truth, which will move you through whatever you experience with ease and grace.

When you connect to the source of love, that is you, then you will start to communicate and behave in a way that is consistent with love.  You will find it easier to tell your truth, trust yourself, share your inner wisdom and believe in yourself.  You will just experience you differently.

Why not rethink the possibilities?

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