Grateful Rethinker Doing Amazing Things

Rethink Ambassador Jessica Shuwalow  and her best friend Gemma McBurnie are showing gratitude through kindness and doing amazing things!

Most of you know Jess. She’s Rethink’s Ambassador and Marketing Manager, gratitude enthusiast and a shining light in our office. Jess recently embarked on her passion and opened The Grateful Boutique & Bouquet, where she is teaching people and business that by looking after yourself, you’re actually supporting those around you and the community to do the same.

We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Jess on the birth of her beautiful baby girl this month!

The Grateful, an initiative and project she started with her best friend Gem, that has been delivering happiness to so many people since late 2016.

The inspiration for the project and explanation of what it’s all about is best said by Jess and Gem themselves…

“After well over a decade of friendship in Sydney, several years’ ago we both relocated with our families to Newcastle. We know how fulfilling it is to feel GRATEFUL for the people in your life and the things you’ve been blessed with, such as: family, friends, lifestyle, health and just living everyday.  We want to create a space, community and place to support and allow others to feel GRATEFUL for just being themselves and also a place where people can come to find that something special to acknowledge those they’re GRATEFUL for.

This place we’re creating is called The Grateful Boutique & Bouquet.  We want you to come into our boutique and know it’s okay to treat yourself and buy something that makes you feel special. YOU ARE SPECIAL! We want you to know that by looking after yourself, you are also helping others! Every time you make a purchase at The Grateful, a similar item that represents your purchase will be donated to support someone else that’s less fortunate at this time. You will become part of The Grateful family and receive updates on how your purchase has supported someone else.

The Grateful Bouquet

There is something really special about having flowers around, the colour, the scents, the natural beauty. We have partnered with the John Hunter Hospital so that you can share the joy and happiness flowers bring to you with those in a less fortunate position.

For every bouquet of flowers you purchase, we produce another bouquet, which is then delivered to the John Hunter Hospital to brighten the day of patients, those that dedicate their lives to helping others and the families of those suffering. To learn more please enquire about participating in our flower program.

Love Gemma and Jessica xo”

If you’d like to learn more about The Grateful or participate in the flower program please click here.

Source: The Grateful Boutique and Bouquet Newcastle.

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