How will you close out 2017?

Written by Cassandra Kavanagh, Chief Executive Office/ “Little Big Boss”

Will you be keen to see the end of it, hoping or even praying for a better 2018 or will you largely be celebrating your achievements this year? Or could it be a combination of both?

Whilst I’d love to say that most people I meet and spend time with would say their year has been one big success, the truth is more often than desired I find people spend an unnecessary amount of time beating up (metaphorically speaking) on themselves for what didn’t work out or could have been done better rather than tapping into the wonderful achievements and moments of the year!

I hear all too often how a couple of things that didn’t go ‘according to plan’ can totally derail the way we view the outcome of a situation. The speed at which we start beating up on ourselves for making mistakes is crazy! Sometimes we get on such a roll, we start to bring everyone else in our world into the blame vortex too!

I believe that the things we ‘fail’ on AND the things we ‘succeed’ on are all needed to help us grow. I know for some people they will want to challenge me depending on what the situation was they failed on! I also know some people simply like it to be right or wrong, black or white, good or bad! It makes them feel better if they can put it into one of those boxes! But I just don’t see it that way…..

In my role at Rethink Group I am not only asked, but I’m expected to be able to support and guide our team as well as answer lots of questions on lot of things. What I know is while I can draw on a bank of learnings from over 20 years of running a small business, the most powerful lessons I’ve had often come from times in my life that, at the time, I deemed to be a mistake or a fundamental failing! Some of these mistakes really hurt at the time, and yet in looking back on them I know if it wasn’t for those ‘mistakes’ I wouldn’t be achieving and living the life I am today. So, in light of that, I now choose to be grateful for the many mistakes, big and small, I’ve made, and I continue to make along the way!

One of my coaches taught me to see these mistakes as Give Way or Stop Sign that have been presented to get me back on track. A reminder that everything I do; every action, every inaction, has an outcome and if I am ‘doing’ life in auto pilot, I am going to be given a little wake-up call (aka mistake) to reconnect me with my bigger plans.

If this is a new way of looking at mistakes, I encourage you to try it the next time one shows up 😊

I also encourage you to revisit some of those fundamental mistakes you say you made during 2017 and ask yourself ‘how else can I see this? If it isn’t a mistake what reason and what learning did I get from it?’

In simple terms you have the chance, at every moment, to reframe how you hold the mistakes you have made in your life… what’s your choice now 😊



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