Ignite Package

You’re ready to create your life. You want to learn how.

You’d love some advice and guidance – there are so many opportunities out there, how do you plan for the future and build momentum without missing out on anything you’ll want to do later?

We’ll help you find clarity about who you are and how you want to shape your life. We want you to be the very best of what is true to yourself, however that looks and feels. We’ll share our knowledge about the best ways of approaching that, with a strategy designed for you.

We’ll share important concepts for being the best you can be and give you a plan for growing and learning in this direction.

We’ll connect you to the whole Rethink family (internally and through our workshops and events) so they know you and you know they are ready to support you in your life journey. Not only are they here to provide advice but also to add spark to your ideas, contacts to your database, and self-belief in your heart to get your life moving forward even faster.

Let’s make it happen: at each stage, we are offing you the most valuable part of our service – the advice and encouragement.

Package Inclusions

  • Initial meeting: this is our opportunity to get to know each other and understand different ways that we can work together. This meeting starts the process rolling; in this meeting we gather your details, learn about you and share how Rethink work with our clients to inspire and support change in their lives. This meeting also confirms your requirements and enables us to introduce you to the team members that can support your engagement with us.
  • Financial concepts and strategy meeting: meeting with financial planner to develop the building blocks for your life journey.
  • Implementation of your financial plan: the Rethink family will implement the recommended advice for you. This includes a financial strategy document outlining the short and longer term approach for your finances and a financial Plan of Action for the next year with a list of what you and we need to do to get underway, which can include structuring insurances, bank accounts, investments, Super and automated transfers as per your plan.
  • Dreamcatcher/Goalcatcher meeting: for those who dare to dream and want to put it out there that it is possible you’ll be invited to come in for a coaching style meeting. One of our team will take you through the process of dreaming big and supporting you to see how they can become reality.
  • Financial review meeting to determine your current financial situation and discuss how your finances can be structured to help you in your path to your life goals. Includes a financial strategy document outlining short and long term approach for your finances and a financial Plan of Action for the next year with list of what you need to do to set up insurances, bank accounts, investments, super and automated transfers as per your strategy.
  • Tax support: Rethink will process your annual tax return for you (as long as it’s deemed a simple return) and answer any general tax questions you have.
  • Dreamcatcher/Client Services Manager to check in with you throughout the year to ensure you are happy with process and progress, keep you accountable and on-track, see how you are feeling internally, be your conduit to the Rethink family, guide you through using your package and services, suggest relevant workshops and organise your review when it’s time. Also includes at least 3 contacts that can help you from the wider Rethink network.
  • We don’t include the coaching services in our package but for clients who are interested in what this is about and how it works we arrange an introduction coffee with our Life Coach to learn more.
  • Invites to relevant Rethink events and workshops.


Determining the depth of research and strategy that is required to create a plan for your own unique situation and objectives requires our Financial Planners to meet with you before a fee can be determined. Our fees and payment options will be explained to you in our initial meeting, which is a complimentary meeting that takes approximate 60 – 90minutes

**If appropriate and in certain circumstances a portion of the fees can be debited from your Superannuation Fund to also make the payments more manageable.


Rethink your possibilities.