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Rethink Financial Group client and friend, local father and teacher Paul Davies is about to embark on a 130km ride in one day to raise awareness for epilepsy.

Joining him on the ride are some of the Rethink Financial Group team, Dustin (Dusty) Kavanagh Head of Transformation at Rethink Financial Group, Daniel (Dan) Brown Senior Financial Planner at Rethink Financial Group and Elliot Watson Senior Financial Planner at Rethink Financial Group.

Paul has been a teacher at Hunter Sports High School for over 12 years and is extremely well known in the local community. His very active 13 year old son Tom suffers from epilepsy and while Tom very much lives a normal life thanks to Paul and his wife Helen, Paul says Tom is still limited by his condition. ‘Tom loves the water, but can’t participate fully in all water sports as there is always the risk that he could have a seizure.’

Paul says, “Unlike a lot of other sufferers of epilepsy, Tom is happy to share his story and make people aware of his condition. Tom loves the water and all things outdoors and has learnt the more people around him that are aware of his condition the more activities he can participate in, as this gives him a support crew in those that are aware of his condition if he does have a seizure.”

We at Rethink Financial Group, and I’m sure you do too, see Paul as an inspiration and amazingly supportive father, however when asked what made him decide to do the ride he says he is somewhat selfish. ‘I’ve always wanted to ride to Sydney from Newcastle, so it was kind of a selfish decision to tick something off my bucket list and then I thought why not raise money and awareness while I’m doing the ride.’

Paul is recruiting a team of riders, including Dusty, Dan and Elliot, to come along for the journey and raise money for Epilepsy Action Australia. The riders will kick off at 6.30am on 28 March 2015 from the beginning of the Fernleigh track then towards Lake Munmorah, through the Central Coast to Ettalong Beach where the team will get the ferry to Palm Beach and ride on to Manly to catch another Ferry to Circular Quay before finishing at the Lord Nelson Hotel in the Rocks. The team will be stopping every 20kms for a break. Paul is expecting the ride to take 10 hours in total.  Click here to view a map of their ride.

If you would like to support your fellow Rethink Financial Group friend Paul and his crew of riders along with Dustin, Dan and Elliot you can donate to his cause, Epilepsy Action Australia, via his dedicated page Cycling for a cause, click here to donate or join the ride!

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About epilepsy

Epilepsy is the world’s most common serious brain disorder currently impacting the lives of over 225,000 Australians. It is an unpredictable and often debilitating condition which is estimated to affect over 3% of the Australian population within their lifetime.

Epilepsy Action Australia provides vital and often life-saving education and support services to children and adults with epilepsy or other seizure disorders across Australia. Our vision is that all Australians affected by seizures will have the opportunity to live confident lives.

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