Karlie Wilson

I’m a real life example of what happens when you follow our heart, but it took me years to get the clarity and courage required.

Karlie Wilson, Kinesiologist at Open To Life

“I love my life, I listen to my heart (and follow it), I am guided by my intuition (and sometimes choose to override it which never ends well), but it hasn’t always been this way. I’ve hit rock bottom once or twice and I’ve put my pieces back together and learned through the pain so that I can better help others.”

Six years ago Karlie was suffering from severe fatigue, while searching for a way to feel vibrant again she tried every lifestyle change and complementary therapy you could imagine. It was only through regular kinesiology sessions that she experienced real and lasting change. After experiencing the benefits for herself, Karlie felt a powerful desire to study this technique so she could help others feel amazing and enjoy their lives fully. This year Karlie established her own kinesiology practice in Newcastle, Open to Life Holistic Kinesiology.

Karlie’s passion is within women’s health focusing on fertility, emotional balance, healthy relationships and positive lifestyle changes. This holistic therapy helps to restore balance of mind, body and spirit. Her clients go from feeling worn down by everyday life or “stuck” to feeling excited about life again and inspired to make the change they desire, turning imagination into reality.

Karlie’s clients have many wonderful things to say about their experiences with kinesiology. “After only one session I noticed positive changes and improvements and so have people close to me. Karlie is highly professional and her love for what she does is what I found made her stand out – GE, Newcastle

To learn more about Karlie visit her website or connect with her via social media http://www.opentolife.com.au/ 

Rethink your possibilities.

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Rethink your possibilities.