Kurt and Alex

Meet Alex and Kurt, a couple of young mates enjoying life and building a property empire together

(Photo: Alex and Kurt celebrating the exchange of their third investment property)

Kurt and Alex are two laid back typical Australian guys who are enjoying life and building a property empire together.

Kurt, 29 and Alex, 26 met eight years ago at Uni. Since then they’ve been on a world of continuous adventures. They did an exchange program together in Vienna in their second year of Uni and boast they were “responsible” for running pub crawls into the night.  The two boys have travelled Europe side by side on a shoestring.

These days Kurt and Alex, still side by side, work together at the NSW Environment Protection Authority and as a side project are building a property empire. In 2012 they bought their first investment property and this year they’ve just settled on two more properties.

They said when they purchased their first property they were still on that shoestring budget and only had $6,000 each to invest. They say the best thing you can do is to just get into the market.  The boys used their equity in their first property to then go on and purchase their second and third properties this year.

Kurt and Alex shared their strategy for investing in property with us, which is buy properties with good cash flow, possibly granny flat potential. Ideally try and pay below market price for the property and look for up and coming areas which will give you good capital growth to then use the equity in these properties to fund further investments.

The boys say they love, that with an investment property, someone else is paying your mortgage/s. Their highs and lows of buying and owning property is a double edged sword: “shitty tenants and good tenants”.

Kurt and Alex are hoping to retire young!

Congratulations boys we look forward to seeing what other great feats you accomplish together and love being part of your journey, thank you for sharing it with Rethink.

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