Lets get excited for 2018!

We asked the Rethink team to contribute what they are going to focus on, listen to and how they will relax in 2018. Here are some of their responses.

What is your new focus for 2018?

  • I’m going to find a charity I can contribute my skills and support to
  • To fulfil a seemingly impossible dream I’ve had for quite some time
  • I want to travel to the South of France
  • Become a better version of me
  • Delegate!
  • I’m going to embrace new beginnings and family

What are you going to listen to in 2018?

  • My inner voice
  • More pod casts and live events
  • My kids, while they’re still young and innocent
  • My intuition. I have some great insight when I stop all the judgement on myself

What plans do you have to relax this year?

  • An overseas trip with my husband and 3 adult’ish children, along with weekly me time, even if it is only 20 minutes to listen to a podcast and enjoy a coffee (either by the ocean or somewhere in nature)
  • I plan to slow down
  • Continue with daily meditation
  • I’m going to meditate and read more
  • Take short breaks
  • Exercise outside as much as I can and I am going to practice daily gratitude

What do you have planned for this new year and how will you make it great?

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