Meet Rethinker & Always Infectiously Smiling – Chris Bird from Inspired Safety Evolution

For anyone that’s ever met Chris you’ll understand what we mean when we say he’s always got an infectious smile. Chris is the Founder and Director of Inspired Safety Evolution (ISE).  ISE a company which creates powerful safety campaigns to revolutionise the way people feel about safety in the workplace.

A lot of Chris’s infectious smile comes from him having recently discovered and connected with his passion and purpose, but that was not a quick process. Chris originally spent over 30 years working in a steel and mining business, and he like most people often thought about Work, Health and Safety in terms of systems, policies and procedures – what Chris calls ‘metal and wheels’.

A couple of years ago something happened that made Chris try something he’d been thinking about for years. While working at the company Chris had dedicated the majority of his working life to, someone was getting an electric shock every 2 weeks. All the systems were in place to prevent this, but it was still happening. Chris believed that people weren’t buying into electrical safety, so he created an emotive video involving family members that changed the way people FELT about the dangers of electricity. This video formed the foundation of a campaign that reduced electric shocks by 40% in 12 months!

Chris now believes he has a formula that will work for any workplace safety theme or initiative. He’s taken a collaborative approach and formed an alliance with a couple of great film makers to revolutionise the way people feel about Safety! I bet you thought you’d never hear anyone say the words ‘revolutionise, feel and safety’ in the same sentence.

“There are still over 100,000 Australian workers being seriously injured every year in workplace incidents” Chris points out. “Systems and procedures are and always will be an essential part of keeping people safe. But if people don’t connect injuries with consequences in a truly emotional way, they are less likely to want to use those systems.”

Chis explains “my mission is to inspire people to believe in safety as a way of life, not just something they have to do at work.”

Chris’s life and industry changing video has over 21,000 hits on YouTube – you can check it out here. Share it around!

You can check out Chris on LinkedIn here.

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