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Clear mind for you. Clean water for others.

I recently subscribed to Mindful in May to increase my understanding of meditation and experience the benefits of meditating every day.

I also believe Mindful in May is a great cause, raising money to provide clean and safe drinking water for people in developing nations. Therefore I’d love to share Mindful in May and encourage anyone who has thought about giving meditation a go (even if it’s only once or twice a week) to consider Mindful in May.  So here I am sharing Mindful in May with you and the email I received from Mindful in May, as below.

Alternatively if you would just like to support by making a donation to my cause you can do so by clicking here.

Love Cass, Cassandra Kavanagh, Little Big Boss at Rethink Financial Group

““When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you”

~ Rumi

Mindful in May is here, we begin our month of meditation together. How exciting to think that there are thousands of us around the world who are going to #sitforsomething this May. Meditating together to do something nourishing for ourselves and contribute to a greater cause.

Already as a community we have raised over 130,000 dollars which is incredible and which will transform the lives of nearly 4000 people through the gift of clean water. Congratulations on your incredible efforts so far. 

Imagine how many people we can help through our fundraising by the end of May.

We’ve had so many emails from people asking us for more time to get their friends, family and workmates on board we’ve decided to extend the registration date. This will also hopefully give us a chance to
reach our goal of raising 600,000 dollars to bring nearly 20,000 people clean water this May.

So, spread the word and tell your friends they’ll be able to register until May 10th mothers day but they’ll have to start the challenge from whatever day they get on board ( all the resources will be accessible in the archive). If you haven’t bought your mum a present for Mothers Day you could gift her a Mindful in May registration and connect through meditation in May.

Spread the Mindful Ripple by sharing this email with 2 friends. They can watch our 1 minute MIM launch animation and #sitforsomething too.

Creating new habits can be tough. Being clear about your intention is crucial both in life and for this meditation challenge. So take some time to really think about what your intention is this May and write it down so you can revisit it throughout the month. 


This year we are conducting research on the relationship between MIM and wellbeing. This important research will help us determine how much of a positive change ten minutes of meditation a day can have. If you’d like help out with this research, all you have to do is complete an anonymous 10 minute online survey at the beginning and end of the month, and answer four short questions before each meditation practice. The more people that participate, the more we will be able to know about the relationship between mindfulness and wellbeing. If you’re happy to help out, please click HERE to get started.
Look forward to meditating daily with you in May…

Dr. Elise Bialylew 
Founder of Mindful in May

Please don’t forget to put mindfulinmay@gmail.com in your email contacts so the daily program doesn’t end up in your spam or junk mail. If you’re on social media join the #mindfulinmay conversation on instagramtwitter  and facebook.

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