Jessica Shuwalow, Business Development and Marketing Manager at Rethink Financial Group

We all have that friend, that when it comes time to paying a shared bill they are nowhere to be seen or somehow they left their wallet at home yet again… And then we have those friends that just never let you pay for anything and are always shouting everybody. You might even be one of these two people.

What is money and why do people treat it so differently?

Gill Edwards, a trained psychologist and author, describes money like “a river which flows all around the world. Some people cling to the river banks, desperately thirsty yet fearful to get their feet wet. Others paddle in the shallow at the river’s edge. Some cling to a single jug of water from the river, carefully rationing; while others dive into the deep clear water, drinking their fill, offering water to others.”

Gill says “our approach to money often reveals how safe and secure we feel in the world, or how emotionally needy we are. If we worry about money, or have a compulsive desire to spend, or obsessively ‘safe guard’ our future, or daydream about being rich, it shows that money symbolizes other issues in our lives.”

Another way to view money described by Shakti Gawain, personal development author, is as “a symbol of our creative energy. We have invented a system whereby we use pieces of paper or metal to represent a certain unit of our creative energy.”

Gill advises, “if you want to be prosperous, it is essential to have a positive attitude towards money. Do you feel a bit sheepish about admitting you want more money? Do you associate wealth with greed, selfishness or materialism? Do you limit yourself to badly paid jobs? Do you believe that you have more, others have less? If so, (Gill suggests) you have some healing work to do around money.”

I encourage you to start telling yourself ‘you are worthy of abundance and receiving wealth’ and get clear on what you want in life to give your money a purpose.

This column is editorial only. Please consult a financial planner to take into account your individual needs.

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