14 January 2015, Hunter Headline


With the appointment of a new CEO, Newcastle Financial Planning is undergoing a massive transformation to their business model.

Cassandra Kavanagh was promoted from within, with her previous role as Chief Operations Officer.

In just a couple of months the typically traditional business Newcastle Financial Planning, which has been around since 1979, will become Rethink Financial Planning and be part of a larger professional service business created by Newcastle Financial Planning, called Rethink Financial Group.

Under Rethink Financial Group will be a suite of professional services: Rethink Accounting, Rethink Law, Rethink Financial Planning and Rethink Coaching.

Rethink Financial Group’s vision is the same, to inspire and support change in people’s lives, but by abolishing the product and strategy focus and making the process all about the client’s values and goals today and in the future. Showing people all of their available choices and supporting them to achieve their most magnificent life today and in the future.

Cassandra said that with the rapid growth of Newcastle Financial Planning in recent years’, the business called for some serious restructuring to really allow people in the business to shine and be empowered in their strengths to ultimately continue living the businesses’ values of inspiring and supporting change in people’s lives.

“In our business we are so passionate about personal coaching for the team, which is a must if you want to be part of the business,” Cassandra said.

“I am always encouraging all team members to get clear on their most magnificent role in the business so I can help them achieve this as I truly believe it’s possible to have your most magnificent role or life. However, I feel we are missing this in our financial advice process; I want to start incorporating these values and beliefs into financial planning for our clients.”

With the new suite of services soon to be available to the current Newcastle Financial Planning community and Novacastrians, the Rethink team will be moving into a larger new office space this year, in Newcastle West. The building is currently undertaking a rapid transformation from the previous tenants and taking on a Rethink flare, which will translate to a fresh, creative, modern, inviting, professional agency style office as well as the inclusion of its own coffee shop for team members, clients and the public.

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