One of Newcastle’s biggest personalities in business and one of Newcastle’s biggest hearts in business have united

On Friday, 1 July 2016 Rethink (Rethink Financial Group) and Toyne Business Consultants welcomed in the new financial year by joining forces.

Rethink are a conscious business that operates from a place of ‘love’. This might seem quite foreign to most people, especially when it comes to business, but it’s what Rethink have built their whole delivery model on. Their innate purpose is to inspire and support change in people’s lives. Little Big Boss (CEO) Cassandra Kavanagh expressed ‘we want team members and clients to have the confidence and capacity to find true fulfilment and embrace everything that’s important to them. We aspire to help people see all the possibilities available to them and give them the support, knowledge and belief to open their life to achieving those possibilities. Our collective family of financial planners, accountants, solicitors and life coach support clients to have the security, growth, wealth, well-being, connection, meaning and self-fulfillment everyone deserves to be able to freely live their best life.’

In the past Rethink has mostly supported people with their personal lives, but with people now demanding more authenticity in business, they have recognised the need to extend their unique combination of services to support businesses to realise their potential and remain sustainable.  Rethink’s Ambassador (BDM) Jessica Shuwalow says ‘Newcastle is an extremely exciting place to live and work at the moment, we are seeing so many people taking that leap and starting businesses. The energy is completely infectious’.

The current stimulating Newcastle business environment was a complementing external driver for Rethink to reach out and connect with the experienced, high energy and aligned business-to-business firm, Toyne Business Consultants.

Toyne Business Consultants have been supporting and inspiring companies in Newcastle since local business personality Craig Toyne first started the business in 2000. Most people in Newcastle know Toyne Business Consultants for the energy and life Craig and his team inject into their clients and anyone they meet. Craig Toyne said the decision to join Rethink was actually a really simple one, ‘for years’ I’ve been wanting to offer clients more holistic and full service advice. The fact Rethink already provides financial planning, law, accounting and life coaching all in a very integrated and innovative way means clients have been able to immediately benefit from the merger.’

Toyne Business Consultants have officially moved into the Rethink office and become part of the loving Rethink family and gradually over the coming months will rebrand to Rethink. Toyne Business Consultants will officially be Rethink Accounting headed up by Laura Hughes (Head of Rethink Accounting), giving Craig more time to inject his larger than life personality into client relationships and the businesses he works with.

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