Rethink Financial Group would love to invite you to an intimate dinner with two amazing passionate people that have found a way to connect their life’s purpose to their businesses and find the mystery and excitement in everything that they do.

In an intimate on the couch one-on-one very personal and raw interview session, you’ll get to deeply connect with these two very inspiring passionate people with purpose. Cassandra and Vanessa will share with you how they’ve managed to connect with their life purpose and integrate it into their businesses and personal life.

In addition, the ‘Night On The Couch’ event will provide an evening for us to catch up and connect, plus you’ll get to meet the rest of your Rethink Financial Group family.

Meet Vanessa Stoykov, CEO of evolution media and co-creator and presenter of the TV series The Bottom Line – which produced the most substantive interview with commander Neil Armstrong before he died. Vanessa has also met and interviewed everyone from Lindy Chamberlain, David Gonsksi, Lorna Jane, Heston Blumenthal, Cathy Freeman and this once in a lifetime list just goes on…

And for those of you that have not yet had the chance to meet our ‘Little Big Boss’, let us introduce you to Cassandra Kavanagh. Cass is as she affectionately calls herself the ‘Little Big Boss’ of Rethink Financial Group. Rethink is Newcastle’s and possibly Australia’s first fully integrated professional services and lifestyle business.

Event Details

  • Where: Surfhouse Merewether
  • When: Friday, 21 August at 5.30pm
  • What: A full canapé dinner and drinks during two very inspiring interviews
Lorna Jane

Vanessa Stoykov

Vanessa founded evolution media group at the age of 26. She is the creator of No More Practice – now one of the largest sources of multi-platform education in the finance industry. She is also the co-creator of award-winning TV show, The Bottom Line.

Vanessa has been featured on the cover of numerous magazines, including Investor Weekly and Women’s Money. With more than 20 years’ experience in the finance sector she is a regular keynote speaker and commentator on the principles of entertaining and inspiring wealth education.

Vanessa’s mission is to positively impact people by increasing their knowledge base and decision making ability around leadership, finance and business principles.


Cassandra Kavanagh

At the age of 24 Cassandra (Cass) co-founded an IT business and then began her Rethink journey at 27 when she started her financial planning business with her husband Dustin.

About 12 months ago Cass lovingly came steam rolling into the position of CEO at Rethink, or as she affectionately refers to her title ‘Little Big Boss’. From there we’ve seen Rethink successfully introduce a legal division, an accounting division and probably one of the best new integrations has been addition of a personal coaching overlay to the ordinarily traditional services of financial planning, law and accounting.

She recently featured in:

  • Hunter Headline Leaders
  • Newcastle Herald Home and Garden
  • Cool People Doing Cool Things

Cass’s mission is to inspire and support change in people’s lives. She often says, ‘I just want people to be able to experience what I experience.’ One of her favourite quotes is ‘as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same’ by Marianne Williamson.

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