People Need to Forge Their Own Paths and Let Go of the Attachment – Passionate People With Purpose

On the 21st August of this year, we (Rethink Financial Group) hosted our first public event, Passionate People With Purpose.

The event was held over an intimate lunch at the Surfhouse and the format was two one-on-one interviews that delved into the lives of two successful passionate women that have created their careers in the ordinarily traditional world of financial services. However, both ladies Cassandra Kavanagh, Little Big Boss of Rethink and Vanessa Stoykov, CEO of evolution media group, have chosen to create their businesses to be anything but traditional.


Cassandra, the little girl from Dubbo and the significantly youngest of three daughters began by sharing how as a child she spent a lot of time playing on her own, which allowed her to develop and explore her creative side, making and growing communities from sticks and stones.

When she left school Cassandra didn’t know what she wanted to do and went through a few roles until at the age of 25 she started her original financial planning business with her husband Dustin Kavanagh. Cassandra learned very early on in the business what it’s like to work as a copreneur couple. She provided the audience with some key insights and learnings on how to manage a husband and wife copreneur business. Cassandra and Dustin developed a mutual respect for each other’s strengths. “Dustin is good at numbers and I’m creative, but also good at organisation” Cassandra told the passionate room of guests. She advises to get clear on what your and your partner’s strengths are and each play to those.

During the interview when Cassandra was asked about her passion and purpose and how she found hers, Cassandra opened up and shared – that at one stage a few years ago after a long period working in a traditional financial planning business, she felt that to be able to work doing something she was personally passionate about, that she would have to leave the business that she helped build. It was at this time she enrolled in a course by Tara Mohr called Playing Big ( This was a pivotal moment for Cassandra when she learnt that she didn’t actually need to leave the business, “all I needed to do was to change my mindset around what I was doing in the business” and from there Cassandra introduced some of the things she is personally passionate about into Rethink: a holistic business community that offers multiple life changing services to clients, daily meditation for the Rethink team, a healthy café with affordable lunches for the Rethink team and personal development life coaching for the team. (

Key quotes and learnings:

  • When asked to expand on one of her renowned quotes: You can find your place in the world without having to go to Uni, Cassandra explained “People need to forge their own paths and let go of the attachment to what your career or life might look like and you can have the freedom to move easily and pivot between what you do and love”.
  • If you currently work as one part of a copreneur business or are considering it “Know your strengths and get clear on what they are and play to those”.

You can watch the full interview with Cassandra Kavanagh here:

To learn more about Rethink Financial Group or Cassandra Kavanagh visit:

About: Cassandra Kavanagh

At the age of 24 Cassandra (Cass) co-founded an IT business and then began her Rethink journey at 25 when she started her financial planning business with her husband Dustin.

About 12 months ago Cass lovingly came steam rolling into the position of CEO at Rethink, or as she affectionately refers to her title ‘Little Big Boss’. From there we’ve seen Rethink successfully introduce a legal division, an accounting division and probably one of the best new integrations has been addition of a personal coaching overlay to the ordinarily traditional services of financial planning, law and accounting.

She recently featured in:

  • Hunter Headline Leaders
  • Newcastle Herald Home and Garden
  • Cool People Doing Cool Things

Cass’s mission is to inspire and support change in people’s lives. She often says, ‘I just want people to be able to experience what I experience.’ One of her favourite quotes is ‘as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same’ by Marianne Williamson.

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