Real Life Caterpillar to Butterfly Story – Meet Rethinker Ellen

Transformational Rethinker Ellen shows us anything is possible – going from an Accountant to Personal Trainer and Coach

Some of you might already know Ellen as she worked as an Accountant at Rethink (Toyne Business Consultants) for most of her working career. After a gradual departure from Rethink Ellen has recently moved full-time into running her ‘polar opposite industry’ vocation – Mind & Body Movement Newcastle.

Mind & Body Movement Newcastle is a women’s only program based on health and fitness. Ellen describes it as “a program that enables women to not only move their bodies and lead healthier lives, but gives them the opportunity to show up as themselves, to be unapologetically seen for who they are. The side effects are courage, authenticity and a community of women that support and empower one another. A group of women taking control of their lives, and learning about themselves and who they are. It’s beautiful.”

Ellen started her business in October 2015 with minimal experience, but a fire in her heart. She was determined and believed in herself (if you’ve met Ellen this should come as no surprise to you). Ellen says she “learnt early on that passion isn’t something you can fail at, and that set-backs and adversity are crucial in terms of growth and moving forward. I’ve always considered myself a unique being with a very creative soul, and used this to create something out of the ordinary in an industry that, through my own personal experiences, didn’t have much soul at all.”

We believe Ellen and Mind & Body Movement Newcastle’s mission is really aligned to Rethink’s and part of what has made her and her business so successful and life changing. Ellen’s mission is to shift the paradigm of human potential by creating innovative and educational solutions that will transform the Minds & Bodies of lives across the globe, enabling people to comprehend their imminent drive, so they too can lead a soulful life of purpose, courage, creativity, authenticity and endless possibilities.

Ellen describes herself as being “truly passionate about connecting with other women and sharing their journey with them. I find it incredibly rewarding when the women I work with are consistently telling me I’ve changed their lives. It’s interesting and beautiful to me. Interesting because all I do is encourage them to be themselves, and beautiful, because it’s a nice reflection that I’m fulfilling my higher purpose.”

For those thinking of having a complete career industry transformation, it may be empowering to know that Ellen didn’t always believe it was possible to create a life doing something you love. She did a lot of work with one of her dear friends and coach Amber Hawken, for a few months prior to getting her business started. Ellen describes her journey with Amber… “she inspired me with her work and encouraged me to go after my dreams. She showed me the possibilities that life holds for a person courageous enough to go after them.”

Ellen shares some of her key rituals that have supported her so far and now become part of her everyday: “I make a point every day to reflect on where I started and why, it serves me well in remaining humble and grounded on my journey to the top. I feel success will always thrive where the purpose is higher than oneself.”

If you’d like to learn more about Mind & Body Movement Newcastle click here.

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