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Do you believe an abundant retirement is a possibility for you?

Matthew McCabe, Financial Planner and Retirement Specialist at Rethink Financial Group Newcastle

“Before you come alive, life is nothing; it’s up to you to give it a meaning, and value is nothing else but the meaning that you choose.” A quote by Jean-Paul Sartre French philosopher.

At Rethink Financial Group, we believe you choose and create your own reality. By this I mean, it is your choice on what you create and get to experience in your life. We are all responsible for making our own life meaningful and living it as what’s true to us.

Coming into Christmas and the New Year, I find many people take time to reflect on the past 12 months and consider their options or choices for the New Year. For many aged 55 years ‘young’ or more, it is considering the different options around winding down the hours of work and really connecting with your purpose or what you are passionate about. Whether that be spending time with your grandchildren and family, or going away on that holiday that you’ve always dreamed of with your loved one.

Retirement is a big step for most of us. For some, it may be taken after much thought and planning, or an optimistic leap into the unknown. I believe it is important to understand the transition into retirement, and what options are available to each of us to ensure a good quality of life that includes the things you’re passionate about.

Philosopher Victor Frankl puts it simply, “that when one has a reason or a purpose for which to live, one can endure almost anything. The individual is primarily responsible for their attitude to the circumstances in their life, and it is both the individual’s freedom and their responsibility to create meaning in every situation.”   Your purpose or passion may be something as simple as a holiday with the family, an experience like the Melbourne Cup, or something that can become a bit more overwhelming like retiring. Whatever, you choose to create a plan may support you in achieving these experiences

Creating a plan outlining your choices for the New Year and how you want to show up to others, will provide a blueprint for living a more abundant life that you are truly passionate about.

Rethink your possibilities.

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Choosing your healthy retirement

Better Health Victoria advises that a person who has retirement forced on them because of redundancy may find it harder to adjust and suggests the following.

  • Ask your employer if it’s possible to continue working part-time in the same position.
  • Look for other opportunities. There may be another job you could apply for in the same company.
  • Apply for jobs with other companies, either full-time or part-time.
  • Consider retraining to update your skills and make you more employable.
  • Try volunteer work; it may help get your foot in the door and provide valuable contacts.
  • Discuss your options and expectations with your partner. Remember that meaningful activities, regular exercise and social contacts can help make retirement a satisfying time of life.
  • Seek professional help if you feel prolonged anxiety, stress or depression.

For Those Already Retired 

However, while most of us plan during our working life and pre-retirement, I strongly believe that you should continue planning during your retirement in order to promote your well-being.

A good Financial Planner can support you with the questions you have throughout your life stages and particularly in transitioning into retirement and during retirement. Some key areas a Financial Planner can support include:

Housing in retirement

It is a very common desire to want to live independently in our own homes as we grow old, but if that isn’t possible, then you have to make sure you have a plan in place for alternative arrangements.

  • In home care
  • Upgrades to your home to ensure its suited to your needs or maybe downsizing your home to make it easier to manage
  • You may also consider moving in with a relative, into a retirement village or
  • In the event that you need higher levels of care move into an aged care residence.

Whatever the circumstances, it is very important to plan for the financial impact of your housing choice later in life. This is where a Financial Planner can support you, to provide you with choice, freedom and flexibility.


With the ever changing legislative, economic and market conditions, a Financial Planner can support you navigating your way through this landscape of Taxation, Superannuation, Centrelink and Pension entitlements.


Where some individuals (e.g. beneficiaries of your estate) may struggle to make rational decisions during these complex and emotional times a Financial Planner can be sitting on your side of the table, supporting you through your questions, and providing you with the information and solutions to get you to where you want to go.

Rethink your possibilities.

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Disclaimer: This editorial provides general information only. Before making any financial decisions, consult a financial planner to take into account your individual needs.

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Rethink your possibilities.