Acknowledging and Celebrating Some of the Rethinkers of 2015

As we come to the end of 2015, which has been a very busy, exciting and eventful year, we thought it would be nice to stop, be present, acknowledge and celebrate some of the inspiring and amazing achievements and journeys of a few of the Rethink family.

  • Meet Dave, the Champion of big ideas. Dave is not one to live by the book and is always looking for exciting new ways to approach life. Since leaving university, he’s been working for big firms but he has always dreamt of being his own boss and devoting all his efforts to championing the next big thing. Read Dave’s full story.
  • Meet Andy, who has a head for business and a heart for family. After a stint in Sydney, Andy moved back to the Hunter with his wife to settle down and raise a family. If relocating, buying a house and raising three kids (under five) wasn’t enough to keep him busy, Andy also decided to start his own business. Read Andy’s full story.
  • The journey and recognition of itravel The Junction. Rethink family members, itravel The Junction, were recognised for all of the amazing life experiences they’ve created for the people of Newcastle and the Hunter through travel at this years’ Local Business awards. Read itravel The Junction’s story.
  • Meet Karlie, open to life, living life and sharing it with others. Karlie is a real life example of what happens when you follow your heart, but she admits it took her years to get the clarity and courage required. Just last year Karlie had a massive life shift that changed her inner world forever when she discovered that she had a huge cyst on her ovary. Read Karlie’s full story.
  • Meet Alex and Kurt, a couple of young mates enjoying life and building a property empire together. Having bought their first property just three years ago, this year the boys added two additional properties to their portfolio. Read how Kurt and Alex got started… 
  • Meet Helen, who is exactly where she needs to be – supporting women. When we asked Helen if we could share her story, she responded “I don’t know that it’s a great story…… but it’s my story”. That just got us even more excited to share Helen’s story. Everyone has a story and by sharing yours, others can find their own strength and inspiration. So here is Helen’s story, click to read.
  • Meet Ben, the new player in town. This year Ben left the security of a global property company and went out on his own to create Player Property Group. And we’re glad he did. Player Property Group is arguably Newcastle’s newest and coolest property valuation company. Learn more about Ben, his strategy and Player Property Group.

If you’re working on something really exciting or have a story you’d just love to share with like-minded people please email jessica@rethinkfinancial.com.au.

Rethink your possibilities.

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Rethink your possibilities.