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Rethink’s Top 6 Favourite Local Websites and Publications

To support you in living the year of YOU, we’ve put together a list of our top six favourite local websites and publications. These six platforms should be enough to inspire you, feed your soul, feed your tummy and give you energy until the end of the year:

  • Cool People Doing Cool Things – Meet the unsung heroes of Newcastle and surrounds. As we know there’s some very inspiring people among us and Cool People Doing Cool Things is a great place to meet and learn about these heroes online.
  • Hunter Hunter – It’s almost impossible to keep up with all of the new places to eat, drink and visit these days in the Hunter, but Hunter Hunter showcases what’s what and for who so you simply get to decide where you want to go according to what mood you’re in.
  • Hunter Headline – To stay connected with all of the the empowering people and businesses in our community, the Hunter Headline is your weekly business and leaders voice.
  • Newcastle Live! – Similar to working out where to go for food and drinks, Newcastle Live! categorises all of the events across the Hunter from family, to rock, to theater and provides some pretty insightful reviews of these events. Hmm how to choose what to go to…
  • Newcastle Mirage – For those that love a little bit of everything and the stories behind Newcastle, the Newcastle Mirage is a great place to get to know the person behind your favourite bar or restaurant, or the person that took the photo you’ve seen flooded across social media.
  • intouch – intouch magazine is a monthly lifestyle publication that gives you a little bit of everything, from beauty, food, bars, health, business to finance.

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