Phone: 02 4962 4440

Years in Accounting1


  • Completing Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Finance

Describe Your Role

My role is mainly focused on supporting the business accounting team. I also support other members of staff occasionally with their requests of various natures.

Why Do you Enjoy Coming To Work?

I enjoy coming to work because of the people. The people I work with day to day are funny, intelligent, and very friendly. They make working fun, even during the very busy periods.

Ethan At Play

Star Sign:  Pisces. Though we all know this is nonsense

Hobbies: I enjoy tinkering with an old ute my dad and I fixed up when I was a kid.

Favourite Food: I fell in love with Bouef Bourguignon when I studied in Paris. Every time I eat it it reminds me of the little cafe in Montmartre where I spent more than one dreary afternoon.

Special Skills: Special skills? I’m not sure I have any, though I tend not to forget most things. Which definitely comes in handy in my job.

Favourite Song: At the moment it’s You Really Got Me by Van Halen.

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