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Years In Human Resources
I’ve been in HR for around 9 years. I started as a trainee and moved into the role of HR officer. Working in a fast paced environment like the Vocational Education and Training sector meant I got to try a lot of different specialities in HR without settling on one. I love being a generalist! It keeps me on my toes and means I can keep my skills and knowledge fresh across the industry.


  • Diploma in Human Resources
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • RTW Coordination
  • White Card
  • Currently studying my Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management

Describe your Role Globally
Human Resources exists to articulate and embed the foundations of a business specifically relating to its people. HR should be completely integrated into a business and act as a connector across all divisions. HR is the internal driver and ambassador for culture and should be part of all business development and growth, no matter which industry.

Describe the Specifics of your Role
With a focus on being our cultural and employee experience architect, my HR Operations role will ensure a consistently amazing employee and client experience, throughout the Rethink family.

Why Do I Enjoy Coming to Work?
I love systems and order. I love facts and figures. I love passion and drive. I love learning and growing. I love teaching and developing. I love creating and evolving. And lastly I love coffee and muffins. All of this essentially means I love coming to work at Rethink! I can be me, and be supported.

Amanda At Play

Star Sign: Taurus

Hobbies: Movies, Music, Soccer, Travel

Special Skills: I can balance a mini m&m in my knuckle, flick it up and catch it in my mouth….. I’m yet to find a purpose for this

Favourite Song: Mr Brightside by The Killers

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