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Office Pooch


No formal qualifications though I am a master at bringing calm, love, happiness and smiles to any room I go into

Describe your Role Globally:
I’m a people pleaser. I’m here to put a smile in everyone’s day

Describe the Specifics of Your Role:
I greet clients at reception and support reception to guide our clients and guests to where they need to go in our beautiful office. I am more than happy to support the team to get fresh air, as many times a day as they like, by taking me for long walks or a run in the park! If I was allowed in the café area I would be only too happy to clean up any mess that Nicole or her team make

Why Do I Enjoy Coming to Work?
There are lots of beautiful team members, clients and guests at Rethink who show me all the love and attention I can ask for. I get to go out and take a walk, several times a day. I get to greet clients, sleep, have belly rubs and make people happy all day long…

Boo At Play

Star Sign  I was born on 16th April which makes me an Aries. Optimism, generosity, extravert and social are amongst my most defining qualities.

Hobbies Chasing tennis balls or footballs

Special Skills I learnt how to raise a family and keep them connected while running a growing business.

Rethink your possibilities.