A recent survey by Newcastle Financial Planning revealed that nearly a third (28.75%) of respondents plan on making a property transaction in the next 12 months. Over half (51.5%) of those transactions are indicated to be property investments and at a minimum nearly half (45.5%) of the property investments made are likely to be in the Newcastle Hunter region.

The second biggest source of funding for these property investments is likely to come from superannuation. Over a third (36.36%) of respondents indicated that superannuation will be a significant source of funding for their purchase.

  • Newcastle Financial Planning has recently launched a service, called Property Thru Super (www.propertythrusuper.com.au), which facilitates the entire process involved in setting up an appropriate super fund to purchase direct property, to the ongoing management and administration of the fund.

The survey also indicated that there will be a lot of activity for mortgage brokers, banks and lenders in the area, with nearly three quarters (72.73%) saying they will be engaging a loan/finance to contribute towards their purchase.

  • To support their new Property Thru Super service, Newcastle Financial Planning will also be introducing a mortgage broking division to their suite of services in the first quarter of this year.

Additional statistics:

– Other types of property transactions indicated to take place in the next 12 months are:

  • 16.13% sales
  • 32.23% residential owner occupied purchase

– Breakdown of property investment locations:

  • 21.27% Newcastle
  • 18.18% Hunter region
  • 54.55% of respondents don’t mind where the property is located, as long as it’s a good investment

– The survey was open to over 650 Newcastle Financial Planning clients

– 95 clients responded to the survey

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