Take Control of Your Health & Fitness

Written by Nicole Stanton, Face of Recharge Espresso & Café Manager

Let’s get started!- Now is the time to take control of your health & fitness.

Whether you are juggling your career and family or maybe enjoying having more time on your hands, you will always reap the benefits from focusing on your own wellbeing. After all, by incorporating various types of exercise into your life you can lose weight, build muscle, improve bone density and skin tone as well as rebalance your hormones, all of which will create a fitter and more energetic you.

Get moving- There are many ways you can get your body moving. Take yourself and the kids for a walk, run or swim. Put on your favourite songs and dance like no-one is watching. You could practice yoga for flexibility or Tai Chi for cell renewal. Or just get outside and enjoy some time in the garden.

Keeping active will also give you the motivation to eat well. Here are some healthy ideas to help keep you satisfied and energised for longer…

Eat up for a boost of happiness- Grab a banana. Not only does this yellow fruit look cheeky, it totally turns frowns upside down. They are high in potassium which equals less muscle aches after a workout. Double win. Why not whiz up a yummy banana smoothie for a mid-morning snack.

Oats! A bowl of oats will keep your blood sugar steady helping you to stay fuller for longer.

Yoghurt! Natural yoghurt is packed with gut-loving probiotics which research suggests could improve your mood.

Dark Chocolate! In small quantities, dark chocolate can reduce stress and increase your mood releasing those fantastic endorphins with every bite.

Oily Fish! Ensures the cell membranes in the brain boost the functioning of the electrical messaging systems.

Lean Red Meat! It’ll give you a great hit of vitamin B12 and folate. By eating lean red meat, you will also get a dose of energy boosting iron and blood sugar balancing protein. So go for it!

However you decide to embrace your health and fitness, remember you need to take care of yourself first. Create and repeat a personal mantra every day as a reminder and for reinforcement.

One of my favourites is “It’s okay for me to do things that make me HAPPY”. What will your health and fitness mantra be?

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Nicole Stanton Face of Recharge Espresso & Café Manager

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