We have had a few meetings with Daniel Brown over the last 18 months. Our initial contact was when Adam wanted to re-commence his soccer career after a 13 year retirement.

Our original purpose for contacting Daniel was to discuss the benefits Income Protection in case Adam sustained an injury whilst playing soccer. 3 days after completing the application, Adam’s first game of soccer resulted in a broken wrist and the end of his short-lived comeback.

We recently changed Adam’s Income Protection provider as his soccer days are now over and he received a recent pay rise. The best thing was we increased his monthly benefit without an increase in premium!

Since our first meeting, we have purchased our first home and earlier this year we became parents for the first time. Daniel has helped us put plans in place so that no matter what happens with our health in the future, we are taken care of. It creates peace of mind that we have plans in place if something was to happen to either of us, so that Emily will be taken care of. We also now have a greater understanding of how our super is invested with a level of investment risk we are comfortable with, and we can finally read and understand our statements.

It’s a great feeling that we have someone working with us to achieve our goals and would recommend anyone to just make the first contact. I know Daniel and I’m sure any of the other advisers at Newcastle Financial Planning would just make your decisions easy to understand and you gain a sense of control.

Another great benefit is Daniel is only an email or phone call away with any questions we have.

Rethink your possibilities.