The Most Beautiful Things Come From the Most Unique Collaborations

By Amy Lovat from Cool People Doing Cool Things

Collaborations are aplenty in this day and age. Samantha Wills and Yellowglen, Uber and Messina Gelato, Beyonce and Jay-Z. Bacon and eggs. Then there are the weirder collaborations; the lesser-known but never less important ones that give rise to a whole new avenue of working together and creating great things.

I’m excited to announce that Rethink Financial is party to one of these quirky new collaborations. On 13 March, Newcastle-based events band The Hummingbirds filmed their new promo video in the upstairs office space. When I took a tour of the Rethink’s co-working mezzanine space last year, decked out to the nines, I thought ‘You know what would be cool here? A music video.’ Actually that’s a blatant lie; I was thinking at the time about how I wanted to come up with a cool app idea that would make me really rich so I could hire the whole floor, with its bean bags and fake grass to boot. BUT that doesn’t make this particular collab any less cool. Jess Shuwalow says, “Relationships can blossom from anywhere and we’ve quickly learnt that the best relationships don’t always come in a traditional form … they’re born from a deeper connection around shared beliefs and values.”

The promo video’s premise is twofold: to welcome new lead singer, Lauren Wheatley, to the popular covers band and spruce up their online presence a little. Yes, I did just say spruce. As Matt Thomas says, “We realize that these days a lot of people are very time poor. When people enquire about us for a function or wedding, not everyone can make it to one of our local gigs to see us live. The video helps us reach those people.”

The band found each other through what Lauren has called ‘the Newcastle effect’ aka two or less degrees of separation. It’s true. When Rethink’s marketing extraordinaire goal-kicker cool kid Jess emailed me asking to write a guest piece about The Hummingbirds’ promo vid, I was all ‘Hey, weird. Their new lead singer is one of my best friends. We used to live together.’ And Jess was all ‘Weirrrrrd. Well their bass player’s wife is a tenant in our co-working space!’ Then our Novocastrian heads pretty much exploded.

You know what’s the coolest thing about Rethink and The Hummingbirds working together? It’s contributing to the creativity and collaboration in our wonderful city. With projects like Renew Newcastle, RAW and Awesome Newcastle leading the way for consistent innovation and entrepreneurship, smaller organisations and businesses working together is the icing on the cake. People, take note. And if you need a cool new location to incubate, brainstorm and be inspired, get in touch with Rethink to check out their co-working spaces.

As for The Hummingbirds? “These are honestly the nicest bunch of guys you could ask for in a band! Everyone’s passionate and we all just love what we do so every gig is fun!” says Lauren. You can find them around town doing gigs at local pubs, or book them for your upcoming nuptials, bar mitzvah, grad ball, you name it. Happy dancing…

The video was produced by Joshua Holliday Music. To watch this unique collaboration, you can view the video here.

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