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On the 21st August of this year, we (Rethink Financial Group) hosted our first public event, Passionate People With Purpose.

The event was held over an intimate lunch at the Surfhouse and the format was two one-on-one interviews that delved into the lives of two successful passionate women that have created their careers in the ordinarily traditional world of financial services. However, both ladies Cassandra Kavanagh, Little Big Boss of Rethink and Vanessa Stoykov, CEO of evolution media group, have chosen to create their businesses to be anything but traditional.

NB: Unfortunately due to the exclusive and private nature of some of the stories that Vanessa shared during her interview we’re unable to post the video of Vanessa speaking. However, Vanessa and her company evolution media group have provided us with some videos of events and interviews they’ve produced, see below titles:


From the moment Vanessa started sharing her story as a child growing up in Gunnedah with devoted parents including her father who immigrated from Serbia and enforced she was a winner before she’d even started anything, then studying at the University of Canberra with a list of geniuses’ like Will Anderson and Adam Harvey (Peter Harvey’s son), it was clear to the captivated audience that she was destined to have achieved amazing things and with stories to match.

Vanessa was introduced to the financial services world through her perseverance to find a journalism job out of Uni and after applying for over 70 positions including Equestrian Weekly and Tucking Weekly. She ended up getting a job at Investor Weekly. Vanessa was attracted to the financial services industry by the intellectual intelligence of many of the people that worked in finance. After a few different roles in financial services, she felt her creative desire wanting to be stimulated and decided to start her own business, evolution media group, at the early age of 26. With $14,000 to fund the business she took $10,000 and invested it in a launch party with smoke machines and complementing purple brand colour lights.

Fast track several years and evolution media group has created numerous reality finance television shows, one of those being The Bottom Line, on network 9, which produced the most substantive interview with commander Neil Armstrong before he died. Vanessa shared with intrigued guests that “to be brutally honest he (Neil Armstrong) was a regular guy, not looking for fame. He was quite pragmatic, he was an engineer”.  Vanessa described her interpretation of Neil as “this guy did not want the fame of being the first man on the moon, he was just doing his job”. However, as Vanessa reflected on her experience with Neil Armstrong you could see and hear her recognise the historic significance of what she had been a part. When she spoke about the moment when they showed Neil Armstrong footage of President Kennedy talking about the moon landing and watched him almost tear up as he watched the footage, Vanessa described this event as “a moment in human history”.

Guests received a very unique opportunity where Vanessa took them on a journey introducing the wealth of inspiring, successful and world changing people that she has met, from Lindy Chamberlain, Gabi Hollows, Lord Jeffrey Archer to Curtis Stone. As Vanessa introduced some the outstanding people that she’s interviewed from the program, she gave the audience her exclusive experience and personal learnings from each of those meetings. Vanessa’s favourite interview to-date is Bryce Courtney. “This guy just reeks passion” Vanessa expressed.

Key quotes and learnings:

  • One of Vanessa’s greatest learnings came from an interview she did with Lord Jeffrey Archer. One of the pieces of wisdom Lord Archer shared which touched Vanessa was “energy is the gift that people have and if you have energy you have a duty to share it with others”.
  • Neil Armstrong is a really pragmatic man, he was just doing his job and happened to be the one that drew the straw to go out first.
  • I think curiosity is a really important characteristic and we’re not encouraged to be curious anymore.
  • I’ve never really suspected that things wouldn’t work out”.
  • It’s so liberating growing up in the country, because anything is possible, it allows you to have big dreams”.

To learn more about Vanessa and evolution media group visit:

About: Vanessa Stoykov

 Meet Vanessa Stoykov, CEO of evolution media and co-creator and presenter of the TV series The Bottom Line – which produced the most substantive interview with Commander Neil Armstrong before he died. Vanessa has also met and interviewed everyone from Lindy Chamberlain, David Gonsksi, Lorna Jane, Heston Blumenthal, Cathy Freeman and this once in a lifetime list just goes on…

Vanessa founded evolution media group at the age of 26. She is the creator of No More Practice – now one of the largest sources of multi-platform education in the finance industry. She is also the co-creator of award-winning TV show, The Bottom Line.

Vanessa has been featured on the cover of numerous magazines, including Investor Weekly and Women’s Money. With more than 20 years’ experience in the finance sector she is a regular keynote speaker and commentator on the principles of entertaining and inspiring wealth education.

Vanessa’s mission is to positively impact people by increasing their knowledge base and decision making ability around leadership, finance and business principles.

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