To Op or not to Op?

Written by Vanessa Knoke, Marketing & Client Services

Have you ever known the excitement and satisfaction of finding an absolute bargain at an op shop?

Op shopping, is like treasure hunting where you experience the thrill of the shop, without the guilt of maxing out the credit card. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure as they say and I can vouch for the good old oppie coming through with the goods.

Those of you who haven’t had this pleasure, let me walk you through it…

The moment you enter your local second-hand store you’ll notice there’s a slight musky smell. Don’t let that put you off. That’s the aroma of the sweet deals that await. Nick-knacks line the shelves, furniture to the back and the gentle hum of music dating from the 60’s to the current hits of the 90’s.

Then there’s my favourite part…rows and rows of pre-loved clothing line the shelves. Everything hung on mismatched hangers sporting little cardboard price tags, many with coloured (half price!!) dots.

The anticipation of what you may discover amongst these shelves is intoxicating. A new dress, some awesome heels, a vintage jacket.

Of course, you won’t find what you are looking for every time, but that’s all part of the fun. There’s an even greater satisfaction with the delayed gratification of hunting for weeks before finally discovering that perfect piece.

Op shopping also gives you those feel-good vibes. Not only have you found a unique piece to add to your wardrobe, you are also supporting charity and those less fortunate than you as well as the environment. You also get the joy of nattering with the fabulous volunteers, who are always willing to sort through that basket of belts to find the perfect fit.

Op shops are a vital source of funding for charities’ community support programs. With more than 2400 charity stores across Australia they help tens of thousands of people in crisis and in need throughout our communities each year with the money they raise.

Did you know that if one million women bought their next item of clothing secondhand instead of new we would save 6 million kilograms of carbon pollution from entering the atmosphere?

That alone should encourage you to try your local recycled clothing emporium next time you want a complete fashion makeover, or just a new pair of jeans.

And if it doesn’t, how about this… try something new. Life is all about new experiences, right? You may be surprised at how pleasurable you find it.


P.S. A huge shout out to my locals; Church 4 Life and St Vincent de Paul at Tanilba Bay. I love spending my Saturday mornings rummaging through their shelves.


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