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“Align yourself with people that you can learn from, people who want more out of life, people who are stretching and searching and seeking some higher ground in life.” Les Brown

Based on the same values, characteristics and personality of Rethink Financial Group, – Rethink Collective – is Newcastle’s newest collective workspace, designed especially for established small to medium businesses.

In the final stage of completion – Rethink Collective – provides you with a unique opportunity to secure a new home for you and your business, with the ability to lightly personalise your pod/office to suit your desired work environment and brand.

We understand that as an established business who is also likely still in growth phase, you often need flexibility and an environment that supports and encourages change. For this very reason – Rethink Collective – offers:

  • The ability to personalise your new home/space and provide some input into the size and design of your office/pod
  • Closable pods and lock-up offices that promote collaboration, but also still provide privacy and security
  • Flexible size office and pod spaces – ideally catering for 2 to 8 people
  • Dedicated breakout seating and overflow seating for periods where you may need to employ extra team members for a proportion of time; or if you just want to switch up your environment to stimulate creativity
  • Close access to Recharge Espresso
  • The personalised services of Rethink Financial Group’s reception services and funky pod meeting rooms


We want to offer this space on a ‘pay what you feel is fair’ basis. We want people to be able to use this collaborative space but we want to work on a basis of fair exchange. To support individuals who might find this uncomfortable we suggest a starting price of $150 per person a week for a single desk. But this is only one element of the fair exchange concept…we also value highly at – Rethink Collective – the right businesses and mix of people, to cultivate strong relationships in a place everyone feels welcome and can thrive. We want to meet with each potential new – Rethink Collective – member and hear your story, buy into your passions and business and work with you on a fair exchange rate created especially for you.


To give you a little experience of what the space will look and feel like, please see below images. Some of these images are of the existing design and some of them are examples of the enhancements and additions that will be added to the space.

If you feel that – Rethink Collective – is what you’ve been seeking we’d love for you to enquire, please contact Cass (Cassandra Kavanagh) cassandra@rethinkfinancial.com.au or phone 02 4962 4440.

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