Why I chose to announce I was 5 months pregnant via National BYKKO electronic bike share launch

Jessica Shuwalow, Rethink Ambassador

Photo credit: Edward Cross

I’m very matter of fact about being pregnant, I’ve planted a seed now I’m waiting for it to grow. Everyone that knew I was pregnant prior to my recent ‘National announcement five months in’ keeps saying to me ‘oh you must be excited’ or ‘has it sunk in yet?’ Well neither of those things, I’m excited for my partner and I to share a completely new experience together and I’m excited to share a new world through the eyes of someone new and experience all these things again for the first time. But I’m not excited about specifically carrying a baby, giving birth, the trials and tribulations. And I don’t really want it to sink in because to me I’d be day dreaming about something that hasn’t happened yet or someone I’m yet to meet directly and I don’t want to distort that experience for me or them.

I just want to be as relaxed as possible going into this and continue enjoying the things I personally love, which I can share with this new being and they can choose to take or leave (and eventually teach me some really cool new things to love). However, I have had some really enjoyable moments that I’ll happily admit; like when I’m going for a run or doing one of the things I love, while being pregnant. These moments are where, no matter what happens from here that this person is already experiencing so much and we’re doing it together. That they can come into this world and decide what they do and don’t enjoy, but will have already had some amazing experiences to give them a platform to select from.

So the first morning BYKKO electric bike share went live in Australia (located at my work Rethink as part of our employee health & well-being program) and I had the option to drive or take BYKKO to pick up the photos from the day before’s launch from local legend Eddie Cross – I couldn’t help but get a sense of completeness in jumping at the chance to BYKKO to Eddie’s.  Myself and this seed/being/’baby Yeti’ were the first official people to use BYKKO Australia’s first electronic bike share system. BYKKO is something which I can only describe as a movement that will improve pollution, people’s health and well-being and it’s something I personally love – exercise, outdoors, plus being given the choice and freedom to select an option which I know is right for people, the planet and me! What a cool experience for the seed/being/’baby Yeti’ to be exposed to and celebrate being part of! It’s for all of these reasons that I felt, let’s let this new seed/being/’baby Yeti’ and the world know about BYKKO and what this movement and life is truly capable of. Well people must have agreed with me as the likes and responses that came from this announcement on facebook flooded in!

To learn more about this phenomenon BYYKO, click here.

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