With a head for business and a heart for family, Andy is kicking some serious goals

After a stint in Sydney, Andy moved back to the Hunter with his wife to settle down and raise a family. If relocating, buying a house and raising three kids (under five) wasn’t enough to keep him busy, Andy also decided to start his own business.

“While living in a cosy two bedroom cottage is fine while the girls are still young, Katrina and I needed a little more space in the house (and maybe some more sleep). Rethink has helped me to minimise the financial risks involved in my business, giving us the freedom to make some much needed lifestyle changes – like renovating our home.”

Now Andy is taking things in his stride, with a worldwide client base and a solid stream of work. Andy and Katrina are now in the financial position to enjoy time together as a family and add an extra storey to their house to create the perfect home for their growing family.

We’d like to acknowledge your achievements Andy, you really are doing your family proud.

Rethink your possibilities.

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Rethink your possibilities.