Empowering Self

Understanding self is fundamental to personal awareness and growth.  It is at the heart of all personal and business success.

This program works at a deeper level to create permanent transformation and change.  The program is intense but rewarding.

This program usually consists of three hour sessions once per month for a period of six (6) months.

However the program can be tailored to meet individual needs and commitments.

This program will:

  • Give you greater self awareness.
  • Give you understanding around conscious and unconscious choice and the nature of creating personal reality.
  • Deal with any self worth/’not good enough’ issues that impact your ability to do what you really want.
  • Support you in gaining self trust and acceptance.
  • Give you awareness around self judgment and how to release it.
  • Give you a  powerful framework and toolset for communication across all areas of your life.

Rethink your possibilities.