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Written by Samantha Geelan, Senior Financial Adviser and Aged Care Specialist

My clients James* and Cheryl*, both 67 are now enjoying the retired life like it’s meant to be enjoyed. Holidays, odd jobs around the house, grandkids, golf, friends, social events and each other. Looking back at their schedule, it’s hard to believe they ever fit in time to work! But they, like a lot of retirees worked hard all their life to get to this stage of enjoyment. The difference for James and Cheryl is they sought professional guidance and support to help put their retirement plans in place.

There has long been a myth that Financial Advice is only designed for the super wealthy; or simply a “nice to have”. But if the definition of Wealth is, “a plentiful supply of a particular desirable thing”; then it’s important our wealth (or, our particular desirable thing) shifts and evolves also to suit our transitioning lifestyle, including our types of financial support, our personal goals and our health.

James and Cheryl’s idea of wealth is to have enough to keep their house running, weekly play dates with their grandchildren,  holidays away to their timeshare (schedules permitting of course) as well as weekly trips to the movies.

So how do you know if you need support in planning and retirement advice? For James and Cheryl, being the prime carer for Cheryl’s Mother, May*, who lived with them and believing they couldn’t afford to retire were the main triggers for the What if/ Can we scenarios keeping them up at night. Concerns like:

–           Where can we/ should we live as our lifestyle and Mum’s health needs change?

–           What support options are there to help us, how can we stay in our own home, how do we apply and how much will it cost?

–           When the time comes, what about Mum entering into Aged care- where do we start, what happens to Mum’s/our pension, can we keep our home and can she afford this?

While these scenarios can feel scary and at times insurmountable, what’s important to remember is there are many options available to you, and having a plan in place specifically tailored to your needs is the key to starting to feel empowered and supported through your changing lifestyle.

James, Cheryl and May have taken control of their situation by actively seeking advice, allowing them to cut through the fear of the unknown and to create a clear plan for their future. I was honoured to be part of their journey and guide them through this stage of their life.


Did you know?

The government can provide you with financially subsidised support to help you remain living independently and safely at home ranging from the provision of one off services or an ongoing Home Care package.   The government funding available for a Level 4 Home Care package can be up to $49,592 per annum* with your financial contribution being as little as $3,712 per annum (for a full age pensioner).

*Rates and thresholds valid as at 20/09/2017


*James, Cheryl and May’s names have been changed to protect their privacy

 If you have any questions in relation to the information in this article or would like to come in and have a chat to us to get some support, we’d only be too happy. Simply submit an enquiry below or phone our office 02 4962 4440.

Samantha Geelan, Aged Care Specialist

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