Phone: 02 4962 4440

Years in Accounting: I began as a Trainee Accountant back in early 1999, we only had the internet on one special computer out the back then- how times have changed! Strangely enough I still have and use the same adding machine I started out with all those years ago, which is subject to much ridicule by my colleagues.


  • Bachelor of Commerce, Newcastle University
  • CPA

Describe The Specifics Of Your Role
As Business Services Manager I work closely with a team of brilliant Accountants to meet the needs of our clients, in particular with tax compliance and keeping the ATO happy, but also with general day to day business advice. My role is quite varied so every day is different. Overall I support our clients to navigate the tax and accounting world by working to interpret the confusing bits into ways that make sense. I love solving problems and thinking outside the box to find a solution and uncover the best option and results for our clients.

Why Do You Enjoy Coming To Work?
I enjoy the variety in my role and knowing that I’m helping our clients to focus on what they really want to do by looking after tax and accounting matters on their behalf, by removing the confusion and making things easy for them. If I can help make our clients day a little less stressful and give them more time to spend doing what they want to do in their business, then that helps make a good day for me.

It’s also a joy to work with such an awesome team of ‘Rethinkers’, and have Recharge café so close with its great food and coffee on hand.

Kristen At Play

Star Sign: Aries

Favourite Food: Wine and cheese, closely followed by chocolate and the chicken pumpkin and feta wrap from the Recharge Cafe!

Special Skills: Being able to sing terribly enough to embarrass my kids (even when just at home)!

Favourite Song: There are a few options but lets go with ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams.


  • Kids Craft, or anything with my kids and family really- having fun with my kids, watching them grow, learn and become amazing little people is a special privilege I’m forever grateful for.
  • Veggie Gardening and Reading.
  • Cooking- I’m a dedicated member of the cult that is Thermomix!

Rethink your possibilities.