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Accountant and Principal

Years in Accounting 10


  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • CPA
  • JP

Describe Your Role Globally
I like to make tax and numbers easy to understand for everyone. I break down the numbers so that clients can focus on their strength areas whilst getting all the relevant financial information to make better decisions.

Describe The Specifics Of Your Role
Very broadly… To develop build and grow Rethink Accounting into an industry leading firm and support our financial planning clients with any tax advice they may need.

Why Do You Enjoy Coming To Work?
Because I love it, the people, businesses, relationships, numbers and the strategies.

Laura At Play

Star Sign

Does drinking red wine with friends count as a hobby? If so this would definitely be my favourite. I also like to travel, enjoy reading (I love philosophy and science, TED is my favourite app). I really enjoy sustainable living. I have chooks and grow most of my own vegetables and fruit in my backyard, or I did at my old house and look forward to getting it all established at my new place.

I play hockey for the great Regals Club. I have been known to go hiking (note not enjoy), but I do love it after the fact and it’s given me the opportunity to see some really amazing and remote places.

Favourite Food
Red wine comes from grapes, surely that can count as a favourite food… ok maybe not.. I really enjoy French food and cooking.

Special Skills
I know every word to The Body Guard soundtrack and was very sad to hear that Whitney died.

Favourite Song
I can’t pick just one, I can’t even stick to genre… I listen to a lot of music. I love the old classics like Beach Boys, Van Morrison, Aretha Franklin etc.

During my teens I was a mad Weezer, Cake and Ben Folds Five fan. More recently I have really enjoyed Adele’s two albums and if I look at my top played list on my iphone it’s probably embarrassing enough that I don’t share it…  (Hilltop Hoods, David Guetta, Bliss n Eso, Lilly Allen and I think I might be a closet Katy Perry fan).

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