Phone: 02 4962 4440

Senior Bookkeeper

Years In Accounting and Bookkeepping: 20 (12 years full time & 8 years casually whilst a stay at home parent)


  • Bachelor of Commerce

Describe your Role Globally:
Management accounting and bookkeeping.

Describe the Specifics of Your Role:
Servicing a handful of businesses in a holistic fashion, whereby devoting significant time to a particular client on a regular basis I feel I can gain greater insight and therefore be of more genuine assistance. In addition to this I often perform a range of specific tasks for other clients as required.

Why Do I Enjoy Coming to Work?
I like the sense of achievement that comes from doing a good job, combined with a sufficiently relaxed environment.

Luke At Play

Star Sign: Scorpio. Of course we all know horoscopes are complete rubbish.

Hobbies: Playing sport, watching sport, listening to music and reading (often these last two do not involve any sport related themes).

Favourite Song: Too hard sorry, so I selected my favourite song by each of my three favourite artists: Radiohead – Street Spirit (Fade Out) ; Sufjan Stevens – John Wayne Gacy, Jr ; Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #2

Favourite Food: Bananas, chocolate, lasagne, fresh bread. Basically, I like food.

Special Skills: Juggling (sadly, neither chainsaws nor flaming torches). I’m also a life member of Newcastle Rugby League as well as reigning Rethink Handball Championship title holder.
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