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Cheif Executive Officer / ‘Little Big Boss’

Years In Financial Services/Business: 22

Life skills… many and varied. I’ve learnt that life doesn’t have to be routine, boring and limited to what you have been served up in the past! Qualifications from an academic point of view are very limited in my life but the real life qualifications I’ve gained after owning and selling a number of businesses, travelling extensively with my husband and three children, relocating from my home town to a new incredible place like Newcastle has seen my ‘life qualifications’ go through the roof, in a good way!

Describe your Role Globally:
Little Big Boss – vision, strategy, growth opportunities, aligning vision and values of our business, culture, creating, driving and being the change I want to see in this world, one little step at a time.

Describe the Specifics of Your Role:
I have a big hairy goal of leaving a legacy in the business long after I have moved on from my role as Little Big Boss or left the business altogether and that is to be a business where the team collectively guide each other and our clients to live a life they believe they are worthy of, in whatever form that takes for them. We have this opportunity to grab life and live it to what we see is its fullest form. We want to support from an emotional well-being as well as a wealth well-being to see people achieve this.

I am a business that delivers services from a purpose driven focus… it’s about people first but it’s essential to make profit otherwise we cannot share our value with the world. We have so much to give and we have a real opportunity to make change in people’s lives, as a collaborative collective team.

Why Do I Enjoy Coming to Work?
I love to grow, see an opportunity and make it our own, inspire and encourage change for our team and our clients, get people comfortable with the uncomfortable, support them to see that life can be different from the past… that we are not our story, we have a choice to create a different future to our past, if you are willing to trust and believe in yourself and give it a real go. I love connecting with people and hearing their stories, so being in a growing business with a growing group of clients is the perfect place for me.

Cassandra At Play

Star Sign Leo

Hobbies Walking, bike riding, anything that involves houses including: interiors, architecture, landscapes etc. I’m in a great space right now as my children are being very independent with their own jobs, girlfriends and lives that I can start to find some new hobbies to learn new things. My first step is to join a drum class next term… I’ll keep you posted on how that pans out!

Special Skills I learnt how to raise a family and keep them connected while running a growing business.

Favourite Song Ooh I don’t like favourite anything….. in other words I am hopeless at limiting my options in life in any area – favourite food, favourite place, favourite colour, favourite holiday destination, favourite child!! Can I say I like all music but have certain music playing depending on my mood. I particularly love dance music at a fairly high volume first thing when I get into the office of a morning to pump up the early starters in the team and myself!

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